Identify before Transition

  • Beau Doboszenski, Owner/Lead Instructor

  • Originally published November 9th, 2016

In the defensive world, we have to always keep in mind the "Plus 1" rule. 

This means that there's always one more threat, one more weapon, one more way out, etc.

Looking for the "Plus 1" is hard. It takes time to lay down the Neural Pathways needed to keep searching for that second threat, or to break your Target Fixation(tunnel vision).

Engaging that Plus 1 Threat takes a firearms skill called Multiple Targets and Target Transitions, or what we call "MT&T" for short. There are three types of Target Transitions and each one is based upon what you can SEE and IDENTIFY in your field of vision.

The practical idea is that if you are confronted with two threats, both of whom are clearly in your field of view, how hard can you drive the handgun between those threats with effective fire?

Here's the big thing though, if your Shooting Fundamentals and Draw are bad, you won't do well at this skill. It's like we say at DMT, over and over and over: "Any advanced tactic is based upon the mastery of the fundamentals."