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DMT’s Online Tactical Firearms Training is LIVE!!!

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Take your training to the next level, wherever you are. Our online tactical firearms training has hundreds of drills, videos, articles and training programs for shooters of all levels. From novice shooters ready to step into the defender lifestyle to tactical operators, DMT has resources for you to grow your skills and improve your capabilities, all for less than 1 BOX OF AMMO per month! Check it out today!

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By far one of the best firearms training you can find in MN. Within minutes of arriving I quickly discovered a lot of flaws in my technique and equipment a basic fundamentals class. I walked away today very humbled and with a lot more knowledge than when I initially walked into the range today. My only regret is that I wished I had taken this course sooner. Thanks Beau, you just got yourself a new regular student!

-Kevin C.

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Defensive Mindset Training: Defensive Firearms and Tactical Training at Range Systems

5121 Winnetka Avenue

New Hope, MN 55428

Local: (612) 210-4786


Defensive Mindset Training - providing defensive firearms and tactical training since 2006.

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