Questions and Answers:

Foundations Handgun Questions

Q: Is Foundations Handgun a “beginners” class?

A: Yes and no. It is focused on the core skills that make for excellent shooting: accuracy, recoil management, safety, and basic defensive skill, but these core elements are often rushed through in other training systems. The end result of DMT’s method is that your core skills will be better than the advanced skills of many other training systems. So if you have some experience, or zero experience, it doesn’t matter. This class will bring you up to speed at your pace.

Q: What if I don’t have my own firearm?

A: Not a problem. In our opinion, it is much more important to have training BEFORE you have a firearm. We loan students firearms to use in live fire without charge. Past the first class, students must provide their own ammo for any loaned firearms. This policy allows the student to learn how to use the firearm BEFORE they invest in one. That time in training lets the student discover exactly what kind, caliber, and size of firearm the student would be willing to carry and use for years. We do this to help our students avoid the mistakes that I made in my concealed carry journey.

Q: When should I start?

A: Right away. There is no “first class” to start. Dip your toes into the water and then jump in. There is a lot to learn at DMT and we’ll move your training at your pace.

Advanced Handgun Questions

Q: How do you qualify for Advanced Handgun?

A: Advanced Handgun is designed to push shooters to their limits and grow not only their core skills, but build new and challenging skillsets. It is imperative that every student in Advanced Handgun have certain core skills like safety, draws, split speed variation, immediate actions, and deterrence not just be known, but to be committed to muscle memory so that they’re able to stay with the pacing of Advanced Handgun. Here are the objective standards DMT requires from it’s attendees of Advanced Class:

  • Shooting Fundamentals - core capability of using the firearm as a shooting tool

    • 5 shots within a 4” circle at 15 yards

  • Draw - deploying the firearm from a holster either inside or outside the waistband

    • 3 shots, Center of Mass (8.5x11” sheet of paper target), 18-20 ft, from concealment, in 3 seconds or less

  • Immediate Actions - fixing a stoppage of your firearm in the middle of a shot string or scenario

    • Emergency Reload

      • 3 shots, Center of Mass (8.5x11” sheet of paper target), 18-20 ft, from a draw, with 1 unknown Emergency Reload in the string, in 9 seconds or less

    • Soft Malfunction

      • 3 shots, Center of Mass (8.5x11” sheet of paper target), 18-20 ft, from a draw, with 1 unknown Soft Malfunction in the string, in 5 seconds or less

    • Hard Malfunction

      • 3 shots, Center of Mass (8.5x11” sheet of paper target), 18-20 ft, from a draw, with 1 unknown Hard Malfunction in the string, in 12 seconds or less

  • Deterrence and Scenario Performance - demonstrating the ability to apply a simple deterrence system to a scenario in live fire with mobile targetry system, must also be able to operate based on recognition of threat visually

    • This is a performance based element and scored on proper verbiage, body positioning, movement, shots accuracy, and Post-Fight actions including: movement to safe location or position of tactical superiority, tactical reload (if appropriate), medical check, 911 Call, and appropriate response to simulated Law Enforcement interactions

Q: I’ve taken advanced training from other training companies/organization, or I’ve been to Law Enforcement Skills, or I have been competitive shooting for a while now, can I just come to Advanced Handgun?

A: We respectfully request that you attend a Foundations or Intermediate Handgun class as your first class with us. Your training may have been outstanding, but unfortunately, we don’t know that. The Foundations or Intermediate Handgun classes are a much more controlled environment that will give any DMT instructor the opportunity to observe your technique, safety, and capability. Assuming your skills are sound, we’d be happy to give you an invite to Advanced Handgun following that Foundations or Intermediate Class. If you contact us at, we’ll extend you a promo code that will allow you to take that Foundations or Intermediate Class at no charge.

Q: Is there any extra equipment I need for Advanced Handgun?

A: Yes, a tactical flashlight or weapon mounted light, and a secondary defense tool - preferably a knife to be carried on the support side.

Q: What makes Advanced Handgun better than what other organizations are doing for “advanced training?”

A: First, the number of reps that you’ll get working with DMT will be much higher. Second, our experience will insure that you are developing skills properly and neurologically effective. Third, our training facility will enable you to perform skills that you will be unable to perform anywhere else. Finally, our system is built on the concept of small block, distributed training, mean that we won’t have a one and done training session, nor random scenario live fire, but we will spend dedicated periods of time working critical advanced skillsets to mastery.