Check out some of Defensive Mindset Training's awesome partners

Range Systems produces world class ranges, targetry systems, and range supplies to professional range facilities world wide. Range System's Smash Ranges are without a doubt, the safest and most effective ranges ever made and coveted by Special Operations units all over the world for use in their shoot houses.

JP Enterprises make the best rifles on the planet, IMHO. They are accurate, reliable, and look awesome. DMT has been using and loving JP Rifles for years.

Ox and his team are true professionals. They have been studying the skills of defense and prep for decades. For lots of great tips, tricks, and training materials (including DMT training materials) check them out.

Ernest Emerson has been making revolutionary knives for over 30 years. From the dark and dirty world of special operations, to law enforcement, to the Citizen Defender - Emerson Knives are the toughest knives out there.

Next Level Training makes the SIRT Pistol. Mike Hughes and his team are outstanding shooters and make an amazing product. If you don't have a SIRT, what are you waiting for?


Defending your rights since 1871. Consider joining.

Gary has been a supporter and contributor to Defensive Mindset Training for years. His photography is amazing, truly an artist. If you need photos of products, people or anything, please consider reaching out to Gary.


Andrew Heaton is one of the best fitness professionals I've ever met, he really knows his business and his clients will quickly see results. Whether you can make it to Life Strength Fitness in Hopkins, MN, or you work with Andrew in his digital training program, you will not be disappointed.

A great source of information for hunting, fishing, and nature exploration with tons of articles on making the most out of the great outdoors in Minnesota, the upper midwest, and Canada. If you're an outdoors enthusiast, you will find excellent resources here.