DMT Success Stories

  • DMT student Phil, was recently accepted into the elite US Army Special Forces Q Course. In firearms testing, he was known as “Instructor Phil” because he knew more about firearms operation and usage than any other candidate and several of the US Army instructors, and he was able to coach other candidates to successfully complete the firearms tests for SF Selection course. (2/2019)

  • A friend and fitness trainer in Maryland, who has asked to remain anonymous, has been using DMT programs to train Navy SEAL and Marine MARSOC officer candidates at the US Naval Academy, preparing them for the incredibly challenging demands of selection courses like BUDs (for SEALs). He recently shared with me that his latest clients have completed the critical and difficult Phase 3 section of BUDs, and the candidates that trained with DMT’s firearm methodologies passed with a success rate of an astounding 97%! (4/2019)

  • DMT student Taylor, a US Army Military Academy at West Point Cadet, walked on to several of the shooting teams, and was able to outperform the majority of the students who had been competing for years even though it was Taylor’s first time in competition. Also, he was sick at the time he walked on to the teams and beat them. (8/2017)

  • In the spring of 2015, DMT trained the newest Maple Grove sniper team. That fall, this particular Maple Grove sniper team won the Best Minnesota Sniper Team competition at Camp Ripley. (2015)

  • Online DMT student Jon M, was confronted by a crazy person in Anchorage, Alaska. By utilizing the materials in DMT’s situational awareness course, he was able to quickly identify the threat, create distance, and avoid conflict with a person yelling horrid racial and violent slurs at him. (11/2018)

  • DMT students Doug and Terri, identified a threat on a walk near their home. They were able to adjust their position, introduce a barricade, and contact law enforcement who arrived to place the disturbed threat into custody. (8/2018)

  • DMT student Jordan, a regular attender of Front Sight Academy as well as DMT, completed a highly advanced Force on Force seminar at Front Sight, and was the only student to emerge from multiple scenarios entirely unscathed by the opposing force instructors.

  • DMT student Kevin, attended a Force on Force Seminar in 2018, and not only did he consistently and overwhelmingly defeat his opponents, even when the seminar instructors attempted to ambush Kevin, his superior understanding of threat identification, response to stimulus, and firearm speed and accuracy made the ambush attempts repetitively unsuccessful. Kevin has also dominated the Law Enforcement firearms standards in multiple states as he has pursued his law enforcement career.

  • DMT students Mark and Mike, had found themselves often at the bottom of the pile in their local range competitions. Through their training with DMT, they’re now regularly in the top 5 of their local range competitions, only behind a couple of IDPA or USPSA Grandmasters, running competitive gear and firearms. Mike and Mark shoot stock firearms.

  • DMT student Brenda always wanted to be part of the top women shooters in her local SCAPSA competitions. From training with DMT, she’s now one of the top shooters, both men AND women, in her local SCAPSA.

Here's what people are saying about Defensive Mindset Training:

This training combines combat stress with handgun fundamentals. As a Navy Veteran and professional firearms instructor, I recommend this program to anyone who wants to truly know they are capable of defending themselves and their loved ones under survival stress!

- Mark F. - 2019

PMS 7701 Blue_HelmetShield copy.jpg

This training is the very next step everyone should take once completing a permit to carry class. Beau is an outstanding instructor. I highly recommend his training.

I’m a firearms instructor and I learned a ton from him in just a couple of hours. This is the next level folks!

- Mark P. - 2019

After several years since my last proper handgun class, I got not only the “refresher” I needed, but also a vast amount of new content, plus insight into areas that I need to work on. Beau is an excellent teacher, both in the classroom and on the range. Highly recommended!

- Ryan A. - 2019

With the DMT training method, it gives me and my family a complete system from left of bang, to right of bang.  From before things happen and how to avoid it, and for well after any event to what to do afterwards including interactions with police and medical.  It has improved my shooting immensely, but also showed me how incapable I was, and showed me how far I can progress though diligence and practice.  It offers a whole host of solutions, from SIRT, to DVD's and now the DTA.

- Jeff B. - 2018

Expert instruction and repetition of correct skills is essential in learning how to handle and use a weapon. Beau has thirty years of defensive experience with a variety of platforms. Whether you are a beginner wanting to be confident with your carry skills (as am I), or an experienced hunter looking to up your game, Defensive Mindset Training is the place. There are many books and videos out there, but having Beau’s feedback on my stance, grip, and trigger pull have made a huge difference in my beginner journey. I highly recommend Defensive Mindset Training.

- Greg P. - 2018

I started working with Beau at Defensive Mindset Training (DMT) because I have a disability, yet I knew I needed to be able to defend myself.  I was afraid that I was incompetent with a firearm, because of my physical limitations (particularly grip strength) and my poor range experiences (my perceived inaccuracy).  I tried other dry fire methods I had bought online, and saw some progress, but I still felt inadequate.  I needed someone to show me how to adapt my limitations to become a safe, competent, skilled defender.   What I got at DMT was that and so much more.

First off, DMT has shown me the things I need to do to avoid a confrontation like situational awareness and deterrence.  The attitude at DMT has always been that defending is the last resort, since death is a real possibility for the attacker (no vigilantes, here!).  I feel empowered to see danger before it happens, and I'm not so afraid of becoming a victim.  I also realize the huge responsibility of carrying a firearm, the capacity I now have to do harm, and the necessary restraint needed. 

Regarding firearm techniques, Beau has shown me that it is more important HOW I grip my firearm than the strength I apply, that being efficient with my motion (working with body mechanics) creates fast, consistent results, and that using neuroscience will produce quicker, longer lasting results.  However, all that wouldn't have worked if Beau hadn't instilled in me that being a beginner is okay (to be patient with myself) and that my perfectionist ideas of pistol accuracy were completely ridiculous!

The other online programs took me only so far;  DMT's revolutionary methods have already brought me to better results and competence than I expected possible, yet I'm still a beginner!  Now, with the Digital Training Academy (DTA), my progress is accelerating.  Having ideas for dry and live fire practice, access to review lessons learned in class, and many other training resources, I have been able to do at home many of the things I could only get in class.  DTA has already become extremely valuable to me, and I've only been using it for a few weeks.

Bottom line:  Beau Doboszenski is one of the premier firearms/self-defense instructors in the U.S.  The DMT method is the most scientifically researched, revolutionary training method on the planet.  Even though there are some starting to understand the DMT way, very few are using even half of the content (if even using it properly).  DMT has the expertise and experience to bring you to higher levels of self defense skills than you thought possible, all from an instructor who will never make you feel small.

- Ben D. - 2018

If you feel that you have a responsibility for protecting yourself and your family and one of the ways to do that is to carry a pistol you should also feel that you should carry that pistol responsibly. 

Being responsible for your family's defense isn't met by taking a 4 hour Concealed Carry class and then going to the range and practicing by yourself. Going to the range doesn't prepare you for the physiological and emotional aspects of encountering a life threatening situation. This training is designed to teach you to recognize possible situations and avoid them BEFORE you need to draw a weapon. If the worst case scenario happens and you have to defend yourself these courses will teach you how to do that in a way that's going to put you at a bigger advantage to come out on top over your assailant.

These classes will teach you how to identify potential problems, how to avoid threats, how to defuse situations and as a last resort defend yourself with your weapon. You will learn how to deter someone before a situation gets out of hand, how to make a 911 call, what to do after a shooting and so much more. 

The instructors are professional and each class participant will receive individual coaching throughout each class. You will be a better shooter and more comfortable accepting the responsibility of defending yourself and your family.

- Jeff S. - 2018

So far I have purchased three DVD courses from Defensive Mindset Training. My first course from DMT was the "Avoid-Deter-Defend." The DVD's opened up my eyes as to the importance of being situationally aware of my surroundings and gave me actionable steps, (not just theory) on how to first avoid and if necessary how to best handle any potential adverse situations. I learned the importance of carrying a defensive flashlight, which I always have on hand. The course material was well thought out, and I was extremely impressed by the instructor's ability to make the subject matter easy to digest and understand.

Because my first experience was so positive, I then bought my second course, "The Concealed Carry Masters Coursed." Here I learned how to manipulate and carry my pistol confidently. Now, I carry every day because I feel so comfortable with my new skills.

My last purchase from DMT was the "Home Defense Rifle: Volume 1." Before this course, I knew nothing about the AR15 platform. I watched it twice, once before I bought my first AR15, which gave me the knowledge of what to look for when shopping for a rifle. I next view the entire series after I bought my AR15. Having the rifle in hand and following along with the well laid out instructions helped me to master this new rifle platform quickly. The DVD went well beyond how to load and fire the rifle. Such as, how the rifle works, how to clean it, what to include in your range bag and even what to wear on your battle belt. I learned so much from this instruction; it was a joy to be trained by the group of folks from DMT. I am eagerly waiting for Volume 2 so that I can take my training to the next level.

-Chris C - 2018

Awesome video. The techniques presented are worth the price of admission. The grip on the pistol from the holster was an epiphany for me. I had always had a problem with digging my thumb behind the holster. THANK YOU FOR THE PROPER EXPLANATION!!!

-Anthony L - 2018

Thank you so much for #52. The explanation is the BEST I have ever had on shooting. You may not be the best shooter but in my mind your are the teacher with handguns. Wish I lived closer

- Richard S - 2017

By far one of the best firearms training you can find in MN. Within minutes of arriving I quickly discovered a lot of flaws in my technique and equipment a basic fundamentals class. I walked away today very humbled and with a lot more knowledge than when I initially walked into the range today. My only regret is that I wished I had taken this course sooner. Thanks Beau ..., you just got yourself a new regular student!

- Kevin C - 2017

I was very impressed with the class I took at Defensive MindsetTraining(formerly Sealed Mindset) today. 8 hours flew by. The facility and staff were very professional and demonstrated great attention to detail. When dealing with potentially life threatening situations the last thing you would want is fledgling instructors and lacking equipment. I felt I was given the proper amount of one on one time to make sure I was learning properly. I also saw the same given to everyone in the class. Much of what I learned could be some of the best knowledge I could ever have for me and my loved ones. I hope I am able to have the pleasure of working with you again in the future.

- Todd F - 2017

I love going to Defensive Mindset Training (formerly Sealed Mindset). The staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional, yet patient and kind. It does not matter what level of experience you have, they take you from where you are and make you better. Being a woman who never fired a weapon, learning to safely use my weapon gave me confidence in myself in all areas of my life. I would highly recommend Defensive Mindset Training (formerly Sealed Mindset)!

- Julie D - 2017

Love this place and the people. If you need a solid, sound, high quality firearms training, this is the place.

- Susie B

State of the art, one of a kind defensive firearm training!

- Larry H

Just so you know, I have been practicing the drills we did during the class you filmed for crush and flinch. I feel it is really helping, especially the body positioning we worked on and my grip. I feel that was a big part of my problem. On top of working on the drills, I have been going back to basics and working to automatically go into the body position you helped me with in that class and really focus on the grip. I feel if I get that down it will also increase my speed between shots, which needs work (like everything else). One last note, I hate missing class. As a matter of fact, I would come three days a week if classes were available. I am also willing to pay whatever your fee for a private class from time to time to make sure I’m keeping pace when my schedule takes me away from Thursday’s class.

- Alan P

My wife and I recently took the defensive flashlight course. From start to finish it was an amazing experience. The class was intense, realistic, and practical, but NOT intimidating. The staff are world-class. The facilities are clean, practical, and professional. We loved it! Thanks, Defensive Mindset Training (formerly Sealed Mindset)!!

- Kevin N

Excellent training. Personable and knowledgeable trainers with incredible real world experiences.

- Clint S

Exceptional staff and facility! I can't say enough about everyone who instructs and works at Defensive Mindset Training (formerly Sealed Mindset). I wouldn't go anywhere else for personal defense and firearms instruction.

- Brant C