Defensive Mindset Training began as Sealed Mindset Training, building upon the experience of US Navy SEALs to bring elite warrior-level training to citizen defenders. As Beau dug deeper into the curriculum, he realized that the harsh training methods that produces special operations soldiers for battle is not the same thing citizen defenders need, who aim to protect, but must operate within a specific legal environment, rather than attack as permitted by their elite and specialized rules of engagement. Citizen defenders need the mentality of a sentinel, and the ability to perfectly execute their duties when lives depend on it.

As a former Sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery, Beau knows what it means to defend. More importantly, he spent two years living the Sentinel’s Creed: “My standard will remain perfection.” With that mindset, he set out to develop the perfect method for firearms training - the perfect technique and the perfect training methodology to get perfect results. Defensive Mindset Training offers the outcome of this work and methodology, providing the best firearms training available anywhere. Period.

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DMT offers training to anyone looking to be the best: citizens looking to defend themselves and their families, law enforcement officers or military striving to do their duty, competitive shooters wanting to leave the competition in the dust, or future warriors preparing to serve the nation. We focus on the whole spectrum of defense, helping you perfect the fundamentals, along with the pre-fight to avoid or deter dangerous encounters, and the post-fight to prepare for medical or legal ramifications. Our training methods are based on neuroscience to ensure optimal learning. And defenders who perfect the fundamentals can advance to serious tactical skills like room clearing, protective responses, low light, or team operations.


At Defensive Mindset Training, you get the best possible training to achieve perfect results. And you have fun the entire time. Come check us out in person or online through our Online Tactical Firearms Training system.

Defensive Mindset Training teaches with the motto: "No Ego." What this means to us is that we are always looking for the most efficient and effective training methods and defensive skills possible. We teach in a calm, careful, and professional matter. Unless it's a full scenario, you'll never hear us yelling or intimidating anyone in a session.

Defensive Mindset Training bases all of our training on the extreme mastery of the fundamentals, and human neural pathway development. Only with perfect practice will permanent perfection be achieved. Only with hard work and dedication will we be able to protect ourselves and our loved ones. What we ask you to do, we do it to ourselves.


Defensive Mindset Training was previously known as Sealed Mindset and was founded by US Navy SEAL Larry Yatch. Lt Cmdr. Yatch, as leader of SEAL Team 3, served multiple combat tours of the middle east and the Philippines, but it was his deep cover operations in places like Lebanon, as well as a deep study of human neuroscience and adult learning that helped to reshape DMT's view of how concealed carry training was conducted in the United States. DMT's methodology is unique among firearms training schools, giving students the opportunity for true mastery of their craft.