Defensive Mindset Training Products

Training DVDs

The Concealed Carry Masters Course

A revolutionary new way to train for everyday pistol carry

Concealed Carry Masters Course with Lay-flat Guide and Drill Book

This one-of-a-kind training system is a 10+ hour course to develop the critical skills necessary for carrying a handgun for personal defense.

Home Defense Rifle: Volume 1

Defending your home and mastering the AR15 Rifle

Defend your home with the ultimate guide to the AR15 and home defense! This 10+ hour DVD training course will make you the master of your home defense battle space with the AR15 rifle.


Develop the situational awareness skills of Jason Bourne and special operations soldiers

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This outside the box DVD series will teach you how to identify a threat at a glance and give you the plans and skills you need to take immediate action to neutralize that threat or avoid the
fight all together. 

Real World Safety

Give your family the ability to sense threats instantly to avoid danger and the skills necessary to get out of harm's way

The Team at Sealed Mindset Training began their journey for providing personal security by reaching out to young adults and helping them become aware of their surroundings and giving them simple plans the could put into action to stay safe. Real World Safety is that program. Watch it with your family and help them become safer.