DMT is About You

  • Beau Doboszenski, Owner/Lead Instructor

  • Originally published November 15th, 2016

Back in the old facility, there were a lot of things that I didn't get right:

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  • The curriculum was divisive and didn't encourage teamwork and community.

  • I didn't give you more ways to connect with each other and help make defensive training simply a part of your life.

  • I locked myself away and squirreled over scripts and videos.

In short, I lost my mission. I was too focused on the things that were tangible - more gear I could try, movies I could make or classes I could develop or teach - instead of the intangible things - my mission as an Instructor, my values as a teacher, and my responsibilities to you.

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Regularly I go through my YouTube page and put together a new video for the training blog or a content video for later use and the number one thing I see on the But you see, this is the problem with the firearms training world. It's more about me, the trainer, than it is about you, the member. 

Float around YouTube for a while and see the thousands of Gun Ninjas that lurk in the darkness of the web. From guys with unbelievable backgrounds to nobodies with a lot of time on their hands, the Gun Ninja is a dime a dozen. Some of those Ninjas will be very impressive firearms handlers with great filming and editing teams and awesome graphics, and some Ninjas will only have a locked off camera shot to show you their skills, but either way, it's always the same. The Gun Ninja is there to show you how good he is at being a Ninja.

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But have you ever noticed that we never get to see the quality of those the Gun Ninja has been training? Why is that? Is it because the Gun Ninja doesn't want you to see his students training? Is it because he and his ego are the only things that matter? Is it because high speed sexy gun-ninja-ry sells and video of real people doing amazing things with defensive firearms doesn't?

When we started the training company, it was supposed to be about becoming THE most advanced training facility and system ever produced, but we found out that wasn't what happened. Instead we discovered that DMT was about people coming together in common purpose, to defend themselves and their loved ones, in a community of people who wanted to work hard, explore the boundaries of their ability, and bring their team mate along with them for the ride.

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You guys are what makes DMT and I want the whole world to see what you've done and will continue to do. This isn't about me. It's about you.

Thanks for helping me remember my mission: to defend the nation by helping one person, one family, and one community at a time.