Drawing with Precision

  • Beau Doboszenski, Owner/Lead Instructor

  • Originally published October 26th, 2016

Drawing is a critical part of self-defense with a firearm.

As Citizen Defenders, we don't walk around with our firearms out in our hands. In most communities this would be.....bad. Instead we have to get the firearm from our holster and get it on target quickly and accurately.

Accuracy is based upon a standard. That standard could be anything that we want, from center mass, to a half of an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper, to the "T-Box" in the CNS zone, but whatever standard of accuracy we deem as "acceptable" we have to practice being able to place the first round from your draw where we want it.

For many, drawing the firearm places their hands in odd places on the gun. No wrist rotation or a crappy grip, but not in the perfect body position to accurately hit the threat. When you add the complexity of a tight standard of accuracy and the increased demand for management of the shooting fundamentals that distance requires, you now have a challenging skill to develop.