Fore the SAke of What - 10/9/16

Why are you training? For the sake of what do you practice and grow? Find that answer.


Rhythm Drills - 10/16/16

Simple drills can produce the biggest results.


Drawing with precision - 10/26/16

Draw is the point where firearm defense hits the reality of a defensive encounter. Learn to do it precisely.


training for winter - 11/2/16

If you live in a cold environment, training for winter is critical. Here’s how you can develop your cold weather conditions skills.


Identify before transition - 11/9/16

Multiple targets and transitions are an important part of defensive firearms training, but why are you doing each transition?


dmt is about you - 11/15/16

Many trainers exist for their own egos or for their own aggrandizement, DMT is about you.


where the rubber meets the road in the draw - 11/16/16

The highest probability action in firearms defense is the deployment of that firearm. Learn how to do it right.


lone wolf attacks - 11/28/16

Terrorism is a serious tactical environment. It takes purpose and planning. The idea of “lone wolf” terror attacks is nonsense.


Terrorists have struck again - 12/21/16

Christmas Market attack in Germany and an assassination in Turkey. Both make for critical lessons for defenders.


Merry Christmas DMT - 12/24/16

DMT taught a lot of lessons in 2016, but learned even more.