You are the First Responder

  • Beau Doboszenski, Owner/Lead Instructor

  • Originally published January 11th, 2017

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Once again our fellow citizens were targeted in a violent mass murder attack, this time in the baggage claim of the Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida. Turns out this time the murderer is psychopath with serious mental issues, but from my perspective, that's really not the point.

What amazes me was that in a place that was packed with people, no one, not one single person, had the training and courage to tackle the murderer and beat him to death with his own firearm. After all of the violent mass murders that have happened with firearms across the globe, we as Americans are still somehow not getting the message that we are the first responders!

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Now it's always easy for gun-jockeys like me to sit on the sidelines watching the footage of this event and say: "You should do this! Why didn't you do that!" and of course, it's terribly hard being in the moment.

But that's why I say that consistent training is so very important! It is the consistent practice that builds the neural pathways that will allow you to respond instantly to violent stimulus. An attack like this is one more reminder to do your dry fire training, get some live fire in every week, and get to training sessions as often as you can.