Live Fire Training

 Engaging in live fire training is critical to skill development and DMT has got you covered with dozens of live fire courses of fire. For the DMT Digital Training Academy, we developed an entire year's worth of live fire courses of fire that work specific skills and are all almost exactly 50 rounds long. One box of ammo and one of these courses of fire and you'll really make a big impact in your shooting skills.

SM Targets - Use the most effective training target on the market!

SM Level 1 Target

$0.75 per target

Full size silhouette with specific target area. Targets can be used for long shooting times by simply replacing target area with 8.5x11” sheet of paper.

Available from Range Systems

SM Level 2 Target

$0.75 per target

Full size silhouette with target area that disappears at 20 feet for a greater shot placement challenge that is more realistic.

Available from Range Systems

Hard Malfunction Device

Practice the hardest of malfunction remediations, on demand!

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Live Fire - Week 1

Live Fire - Week 2

Live Fire - Week 3

Live Fire - Week 4

Live Fire - Week 5