Live Fire Training

Engaging in live fire training is critical to skill development and DMT has got you covered with dozens of live fire courses of fire. For the Online Tactical Firearms Training system, we developed an entire year's worth of live fire courses of fire that work specific skills and are all almost exactly 50 rounds long. One box of ammo and one of these courses of fire and you'll really make a big impact in your shooting skills.

Here’s how to use the Live Fire Training:

  • These sessions are designed to be completed on a live fire capable range. Ensure that whenever you engage in Live Fire Training that you always follow the DMT Rules of Safety:

    • Muzzle Awareness

      • Point firearm where you want to, don’t point it where you don’t want to

    • Trigger Finger Awareness

      • Finger on the trigger when sights aligned, finger off trigger when sights not aligned

    • Safety Selector Awareness

      • Weapon on fire when toward target/threat, weapon on safe when not toward target/threat

  • Each link will take you to a page with a Live Fire CoF(Course of Fire) and a video showing how to conduct each of those CoFs

  • Before you start your range training, review the CoF sheet and make sure you have all of the equipment you need to conduct the training, including ammo, firearm, holsters, or other training devices

  • Then review each CoF and watch the corresponding video so that you know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish in your range training session

  • Feel free to do less or more than what is shown in the video as far as repetitions are concerned. Each CoF sheet is 50 rounds long, but you may choose to shoot more than that, by doubling the number of reps, or picking a particularly challenging CoF for you, and conducting it more times than is shown on the CoF sheet

To get you started, here are three live fire courses of fire that will always be available:

Shooting Fundamentals Intro Live Fire 1

Draw Intro Live Fire 1

Immediate Actions Intro Live Fire 1


The live fire courses below will rotate every month, with 3 new courses per month, or 36 per year.

Shooting Fundamentals CoF

Draw CoF

Immediate Actions CoF


SM Targets - Use the most effective training target on the market!

SM Level 1 Target

$0.75 per target

Full size silhouette with specific target area. Targets can be used for long shooting times by simply replacing target area with 8.5x11” sheet of paper.

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SM Level 2 Target

$0.75 per target

Full size silhouette with target area that disappears at 20 feet for a greater shot placement challenge that is more realistic.

Available from Range Systems

Hard Malfunction Device

Practice the hardest of malfunction remediations, on demand!

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