Dry Fire Training

Dry fire training is the core foundational training element critical to skill development and DMT has got you covered with hundreds of dry fire courses of fire. Each weekly session will contain multiple drills to help you develop your firearms skills. Use one session per week for a full year’s worth of dry fire training.

Here’s how to use the Dry Fire Training:

  • Each link will take you to a page with 1 full session and a corresponding video on how to conduct that Dry Fire training session

  • Every month, the rotating dry fire training sessions will change, giving you more training options and variations

  • Do one session per week, and if possible, do it in one of two ways:

    • Pick one drill from the session and work on it several times in a row, then do that each day for the whole week, or

    • Do the entire drill session 2 to 3 times over the course of the week

  • These sessions are designed to use a SIRT pistol from Next Level Training (use promo code “sealed” for 15% if you would like to purchase one), if you do not have one, ensure that your carry handgun is completely unloaded and cleared and that there is NO LIVE AMMO ANYWHERE within the training space

To get you started, here are two dry fire courses of fire that will always be available. Click the links to get started:

Dry Fire Training Intro Session 1

Dry Fire Training Intro Session 2

The dry fire courses below will rotate every month, with 4 new courses per month.

Dry Fire Training - Week 1

Dry Fire Training - Week 2

Dry Fire Training - Week 3

Dry Fire Training - Week 4


These sessions are designed to be completed with a SIRT Pistol from NextLevelTraining. If you don’t own a SIRT click this link and use the promo code “sealed” to get 15% your SIRT pistol right now.