The "Tactics" of the SHOT Show - SMT Training Newsletter #14

Happy Wednesday SMTers.

I'm out in Las Vegas this week at the Shot Show, and it is honestly one of the most amazing and crazy firearm spectacles out there. Thousands of vendors show up, with tens of thousands of products, and every thing, every single thing, is tactical.

If you didn't know, I'm not really a fan of the word "tactical" because it's really lost its meaning. I found a definition that I like that says: Things that are "tactical" are small scale actions or equipment that serve a larger purpose or task carried out with only limited or immediate ends in view. With this definition, moving from one spot to another could be "tactical." How you carry your firearm or what other tools you have with you are "tactical" considerations. That "tactical" kilt you have on.....not so sure.

What you can surely say is tactical is practicing your dry fire by going to the Shadow Gunning page. Getting out on the range as often as you can. Working those fundamentals skills like draws, shooting fundamentals, and immediate actions, is tactical. Coming to training sessions and building the neural pathways to respond to a lethal force encounter, that's a good tactical decision.

So, forget the label "tactical" and instead start taking small actions and acquiring necessary equipment to serve the larger purpose of defending yourself, your loved ones, and America.