Drill of the Week #12 - Single Hand Concealed Draws with Soft Malfunction

Okay, so we're going to go a little more "tactical" in honor of the Shot Show this week.

If you've never been out there, pretty much everyone and everything is "tactical" at the Shot Show. Last year, when I was done, I had truly found out how much I hated the word "tactical," mostly because it's entirely meaningless. Seriously, if your kilt (I kid you not) is as "tactical" as that rifle with the NVG scope on it, well, you and I must apparently not speak the same language.

The Drill of the Week will be about practicing single hand only concealed draws with a soft malfunction. I demonstrate this skill in dry fire, but the adjustment to live would really only need a range, ammo and a live firearm. I'd suggest that you do a fair amount of dry practice before trying this one live, and specifically watch your Trigger Finger Awareness, screw up the Soft Malfunction in this one and you could shoot yourself in the leg. Check it out.

Keep training and stay safe.