Happy New Year

Well, Happy New Year SMTers!

My family and I were asleep as the calendar changed. Yep, awful exciting at the Dobo house!

As for SMT, we have a lot of exciting things coming in the new year:

  • A calendar of events and seminars will be up soon. Some old favorites and some new ones, make sure to save your spots, or share the calendar with a friend that wanted to experience the SMT method.
  • We have two new video projects coming out this year. One is a "first-time" handgun buyer's video, the other video I'm going to leave as a bit of a surprise, but I'm sure you'll like it.
  • There will be more class times offered at Osseo Gun Club and hopefully a few other locations. Stay Tuned!
  • There will be more Shadow Gunning, more Drills of the Week and more Training Blogs.
  • We will be starting a Member's Page this year. There you'll be able to watch lots of instructional videos, schedule training meet ups with other members, and discuss defense on our SMT forum from firearms to knives to combatives to SA.
  • SMT will also be reaching out on more social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so watch out for those and share us with others that might benefit from SMT's training.

SMT would love to feature more of you too. We'd love photos and videos of your training. We want to see those draws, scenarios, and dry fire practice.

I'd also like to make a personal request that you offer a session to a friend or family member. Help us grow the SMT family and help make America safe by training one person, one family, and one community at a time.

Happy New Year SMTers, I'm excited and honored to join you on this journey.