Session 1, in the Tank....

Man, quite a thing to be back in front of the SMTers.

It's awesome to remember how good you guys are.

The first night was a little off, mostly my fault, but there was a ton of learning going on for all involved.

First, I should have sent out an email outlining what I was planning for the class so that people knew where to sign waivers and where to go, etc. That will be adjusted shortly.

Second, I had forgotten how much more advanced the Level 3's are from the Level 2's and 1's. It's quite a leap going from 2 to 3. So I'm moving the Level 3's to the Advanced class.

Third, there is just SO MUCH MATERIAL that I've designed for SM over the last 5 years that I almost think that I need to add a third class, an "applications class." In essence the way the old Warrior Mindset class was, where we focused on the thought process of micro-tactics, applying situational conditions to defense, and the tactical thought process for the citizen defender scenario.

As much as I'd like to add the "applications class," I'm a little limited in time right now. Maybe after the first of the year so don't get too wound up about it yet. :)

In quick summary, good God almighty, I'm so glad to have you back.