For the Sake of What?

Two years ago, I was at a leadership training event in California.

It was called SOEL. That is an acronym for School of Embodied Leadership, led by world class martial artist Richard Strozzi-Heckler.

Richard is the author of many excellent books, but the most famous is "In Search of the Warrior Spirit," where he spends an extended period of time teaching mindfulness to a Special Forces A-Team. A great read.

When I had the pleasure of training Aikido with Richard and his tribe at his dojo, he began every class the same way, with a question. The question was: "For the sake of what are you here?" It was a poignant question.

If you didn't understand what Richard was getting at, he really wanted to ask you, "Why are you here?" Why were you giving him this time? Why were you investing in yourself for this training? What are you getting from purchasing this time?

I had let this thought process go for a very long while. But when I was putting together the new format at the Osseo Gun Club classes, it suddenly returned to me. So at every class I am now going to ask you. For the sake of what are you here? Why are you giving me this time to help you train? What are you seeking to defend?

I know my answer.