Drill of the Week 11-20

Drill of the Week videos cover many varied defensive firearms topics. Each video will show a drill or series of drills for you to work on in live or dry fire. Each page will have a corresponding Drill Set-up Guide, to help you conduct these drills at your range.

Ensure that whenever you engage in live fire training, that you obey DMT’s Rules of Safety and the rules of conduct at your local range.


Single Hand Low Dry Fire - Hdotw #11

Developing the DWP of Single Hand Low will be useful in moving through dangerous environments and helping others.


Single Hand Only Soft Malfunction Dry fire - hdotw #12

This video adds a challenge to the Single Hand Low, that of dealing with a stoppage of the firearm.


Level 2 Deterrence to Draw - Hdotw #13

Deterrence is a system to convince a threat to disengage, but we must build that system within our threat stimulus response. Here’s how.


Threat to Precision Focus - Hdotw #14

How do you use the sights on your firearm? Do you focus on the front sight or the knife wielding maniac? Both. Here’s how.


Dynamic Weapon positions - hdotw #15

There are 4 Dynamic Weapon Positions that Citizen Defenders must know to move through dangerous situations. Here are the 4 and how to train them.


Emergency Reload Set - HDOTW #16

The Emergency Reload must be unconscious and it must apply in every situation. In this drill set, you’ll see how to manipulate the firearm in the Emergency Reload to maximize speed and reaction.


Draw Set - HDOTW #17

Think there’s just one way to draw your firearm? You’re wrong. There are three.


Immediate Actions Strings - HDOTW #18

Developing unconscious neurological response to weapon stoppage takes time and focus. Learn how to train these skills.


Awkward Draws - HDOTW #19

You will not always be perfectly set to draw your firearm. You must be ready to draw that firearm in awkward positions.


Multiple Targets and Transitions Card Game - HDOTW #20

Training doesn’t always have to be work. Here’s a simple game that take your transitions to the next level.