Drill of the Week 1-10

Drill of the Week videos cover many varied defensive firearms topics. Each video will show a drill or series of drills for you to work on in live or dry fire. Each page will have a corresponding Drill Set-up Guide, to help you conduct these drills at your range.

Ensure that whenever you engage in live fire training, that you obey DMT’s Rules of Safety and the rules of conduct at your local range.

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Precision Draw at Various Distances - Hdotw #1

See how your draw should remain roughly consistent at large distances by effectively driving to Position 1 and using the Support Arm to break that firearm under sight alignment.


Concealed Draw - Meet the Time hack - hdotw #2

Speed happens from perfect movement. Start not with trying to be fast, but trying to be perfect. This drill will show you how.


Emergency Reload Drill - Hdotw #3

Getting reps of emergency reload is critical. This drill will show you how to get lots of reps in a single drill.


Using shot timer to dictate distance - Hdotw #4

Contact with real threats can happen at any range and using the shot timer can help us as defenders learn how to adapt to variable distances of engagement.


fast line of sight drill - hdotw #5

Sometimes it is good to work on really stepping on the gas pedal. In this drill, we’ll work on your ability to transition between two line of sight targets at full speed.


Rhythm Drills - HDOTW #6

Getting fast shots on target is about learning to manage recoil effectively and quickly. The Rhythm Drill will help you learn to get shots accurately on target with effective speed.


Emergency Reloads - Dry Fire Practice - HDOTW #7

Doing dry fire is a huge benefit to fast effective shooting and firearm manipulation. In this drill, I’ll show you how to use your SIRT to get the most out of your reloads practice.


Transitions Drill - HDOTW #8

Learn how to do multiple targets and the transitions between them in this simple, but effective drill.


Open Draw with set par time and varying distance dry fire - HDOTW #9

Back in the dry fire to show you how to improve your draw, regardless of range in dry fire.


Practicing Deterrence with Shot Timer in Dry Fire - HDOTW #10

Deterrence is a critical skill for defensive handgun use. This drill will show you how to train it in dry fire.