The Concealed Carry Masters Course

As the first training video from the team at Sealed Mindset, the team flipped the traditional method of video firearms instruction on its head. Using modern neuroscience and a combat proven methodology, Sealed Mindset will give you everything you need and nothing you don't to produce the most critical and foundational concealed carry skills in the industry. Prepare to get your Masters Degree in concealed carry!

This 4 disk series includes:

  • Information about how your brain and body respond to extreme situations, and why understanding this Physiological Response to Stress will change everything about how you prepare to protect yourself.
  • Situational Awareness training, which includes threat identification, environment assessment, and 4 simple and practical steps to avoid conflict.
  • The language of firearms, from the parts to the form and function of semi-automatic handguns.
  • Comprehensive shooting fundamentals for semi-automatic handguns, including the most effective stance, grip, sight picture, and trigger press to minimize recoil.
  • A Deterrence Method that lets you communicate with your threat that you will not be a victim, and that will help you to justify your actions should you have to face a jury in court.
  • An understanding of the application of self-defense law that exceeds the standards for Permit to Carry courses.
  • 5 critical ways that the jury must view you to get an acquittal in a self-defense trial.
  • Range techniques for safe, focused, and practical training, so you actually improve your skills during live fire instead of just wasting money-blowing ammo.