Repeat and Comply

In DMT classes we talk about the Post-Fight Procedures. These are the steps that you take following a defensive encounter. They are critical not only for your legal safety, but your physical safety.

One element of the Post-Fight that is of the utmost importance is learning how to engage with law enforcement following a defensive encounter. There have been several instances recently of law enforcement shooting and wounding/killing innocent people because the police perceived the response of the person they were addressing as a lethal threat.

I think it is important for me to say, and is also entirely obvious that, the police have a tough job. They are undertrained and under-supported. They don’t know if you or anyone else is a potential liar or threat and there are plenty of examples of what appear initially to be reasonable people who become sudden murderous monsters when confronted with law enforcement. You pair up this unknown with lack of consistent and effective training you have a recipe for disastrous mistakes.

This is part of the reason why DMT offers training to LEOs at steeply discounted rates. We, as lawfully armed citizens, NEED law enforcement to be as effective and confident as possible. We want them to go home safely, and we want them to know that we, as armed citizen defenders, have their back. Law enforcement that is not confident, or worse, afraid and use aggression to counter that fear, are a danger, and the article and video connected to this post is another unfortunate example of this.

In the video you can clearly see an officer confronting a man who makes the fatal error of moving toward his belt line/pockets in an effort to call a relative. That move from the man on an adrenalized law enforcement officer resulted in the officer opening fire. The error is catastrophic, with a currently presumed innocent man dead, and a law enforcement officer’s future in grave jeopardy.

This is why we stress in the Post-Fight, when confronted by an adrenalized officer, repeat all commands, as given, while immediately and deliberately complying. Your goal must be to defuse of the situation, not to exacerbate it. If the arrest was wrong, that’s what the attorneys are for.

Take a look at the video and the article and if you know any law enforcement that would like more training, send them our way. Tell them to sign up with the Future Warriors Project.

Train hard and stay safe.