DMT Works in Real Life and Competitions Too

In two recent examples, DMT's training method has proven effective for not only citizens and law enforcement that need to use firearms at the defense of their lives, but also for people who enjoy competitive shooting.


DMT student and fugitive recovery agent Cory successfully used his firearm to defend himself and his partner from a crazed and ultimately suicidal suspect. He simply told me afterward: "As soon as I saw the threat, I knew that my body had reacted. When it was over, I realized I had unconsciously drawn my firearm and I was ready with sights aligned."



In the competitive sphere, a student, C.R. of our digital training system and a couple of seminars, took second place in his gun club's Steel Challenge. Mind you that he took second place to a shooter who had been doing Steel Challenge competitions for 12 years. C.R. has only been training with DMT's method for a bit over a year.

In another case, yours truly decided to jump into his first ever competitive shoot. It went pretty well. I won all stages, and the second and third place finishers were two other DMT students Mike and Mark, so we swept the field.

Proper shooting principles and training work regardless of the environment or task and these DMTers and their performances prove it.