Summer Concealed Carry - SMT Training Newsletter #21

After some of the warmth this week, I'm really thinking about summer concealed carry.

Last week we talked about some of the gear you can use to help with your carry, and so this week, we'll talk about where you can carry your handgun.

Typically, at SMT we have people carry just past the horizon on their primary side. If twelve o'clock is your belly button, that makes 3 or 9 o'clock your horizon. Just past that would be roughly 3:30 or 4 o'clock for a right handed shooter, 8:30 or 8 for lefties. By moving the firearm just slightly past the horizon the shape of the firearm does not change the shape of the hips, a clear giveaway that someone is carrying a firearm.

Remember that when you are carrying, you should move as if you have a hurt back. People with hurt backs don't twist and bend at the hips and neither should you. Whether you use the ConSEAL or another holster, just remember to keep enough material loose around the firearm to keep it covered and position it so that it doesn't change the shape of your hips.

Carrying off body is another option. Shoulder bags or purses (man-purses too) have started to become a highly effective method of carrying off body. Former SMT Warrior, Josh Ralph designed a great bag called the ETP from his tactical company I've also been carrying a 5.11 Push Pack comfortably for many years. Carrying off-body can reduce your first shot time by roughly 1-2 seconds, but it doesn't have to. Level 5 SMTer Ann Ryan could pull her handgun from a purse for 3 rounds on target in sub 3 seconds.