Continue Your Training with SMT - SMT Training Newsletter #27

Do you ever wonder if your life's work actually makes a difference?

I'm fortunate that I have evidence that the curriculum I've developed and taught truly produces results. Almost two years ago, we released Sealed Mindset Training's first DVD series, the Concealed Carry Masters Course and I take great pride in this training series because I know the methodology works.

I recently got another confirmation of its effectiveness from a woman named Amy from Ohio.

She told me over the phone that she lived alone, had troubles with an aggressive neighbor, and had left an abusive husband only a few years earlier. Trying to start her life over again, she found she was riddled with fear. But instead of being thwarted by that fear, she decided to do something about it and reached out for the Concealed Carry Masters Course.

Amy emailed an update the other day, saying:

"I am writing to let you know that I went to BASS(shooting competition) tonight and I was really surprised at how my skills improved. While I don't have the official results yet, all the guys (at BASS) were really impressed, so I guess I've improved. (I) think the dry fire stuff has made a difference."

Amy's now regularly involved in local shooting competitions, carrying her defensive firearm with confidence, and living a life without unnecessary fear. If Amy can gain these results and this peace of mind, anyone can.

Developing your personal security is about simple things, a journey of a thousand little footsteps toward confidence that you are ready for whatever life might throw at you.

You can get your copy of the Concealed Carry Masters Course here, and start your journey >>> 

While the DVD series is the most convenient way to improve your skills from the comfort of your own home, we offer training every Thursday night at Osseo Gun Club, in Osseo, MN, and we hope to expand our in-person training opportunities in the near future. The students who learn the Sealed Mindset method gain firearm skills that are absolutely astounding. Click on this link to learn more and sign up to join us.

Beyond large-scale training series and in-person classes, I enjoy producing content to help you gain solid self-defense skills. You can access this content for FREE online and stay connected. Check out:

I'm looking forward to helping you gain results, just like Amy did.