Rifle Drill of the Week #1 - Hold of Sights

After many requests, SMT is going to start delivering Home Defense Rifle Drills of the Week. Just like the other Drill of the Week, these drills will be designed specifically for the Defender. The Modern Sporting Rifle, or AR15 is the home defense weapon of choice for SMT. We felt so strongly about this that we built our own DVD training series just on using the MSR for home defense.

This first Rifle Drill of the Week will be focused on a principle element of using an MSR for home defense, the skill of Hold of Sights. Because of the way the bullet flies in an arc, but our visual acquisition of the threat through our optics is a straight line, there's a conflict of where the bullet will hit versus where we are aiming everywhere along the trajectory of the bullet flight except for our Zero. By mastering Hold of Sights, we can confidently mount our rifle and place the round exactly where we want it to go whether we're ten feet or fifty feet from our threat (think about the biggest room in your house) getting that threat to stop immediately. Check it out.

Home Defense Rifle: Vol. 1 is more than 10 hours instruction and guided practice, divided into 10 sessions, featuring over 60 live and dry fire drills along with a free 100+ PDF Guide that you can use to harden your home, develop solid defense plans, and learn to use your rifle defend your home and your family. If you don't have a copy of HDR, something I'm very proud of making, you can get yours here. There is nothing else like it out there.