Drill of the Week #11 - Outside 45 Degrees in Live Fire

Sometimes the simplest drills are the most valuable. That's never more true for the Defender when we consider the Plus 1 Rule (always one more threat, one more weapon, etc.).

That Plus 1 Rule leads to multiple targets and the transitions between them. In a previous drill, we worked Line of Sight with a lot of speed. Today, we're going to work the Outside 45 Degrees.

Remember that each of our Transitions are based upon what we see. In Line of Sight, both targets are clearly in your field of view. Inside 45 Degrees, only one target is clear and the other is at the edge of your field of view. With Outside 45 Degrees, only one target is in your field of view. The other is entirely outside of your vision.

This means that in an Outside 45 Degree Transition I must be cognizant of two factors, Identifying the threat/target and retaining the firearm through the transition. Check it out.