Drill of the Week #2

Well, it's that time of year in Minnesota.

The leaves have all fallen off of the trees, the ground is muddy and damp, and there's a brisk chill in that lovely fall air. But pretty soon we'll be thinking about that Jack Handey "Deep Thoughts" poem, from Saturday Night Live, entitled: "Winter."

To quote: "Winter.......sh*t it's cold!"

For us as defenders that means that our carry situation just changed, by a number of layers. Drawing from concealment under a t-shirt is one thing, start adding the sweater and winter coat and the whole game just changed. In this Drill of the Week, we'll be looking at our Concealed Draws while Meeting a Time Hack.

A Time Hack or Par Time is a span of time that we pre-determine from start to stop. With the Shot Timer, this is pretty easily achieved with the Par Time setting. When beep number one happens, you start and you need to be done by beep number two. Using that second beep as a maximum time threshold can add stress and give you a goal to work toward, but sometimes for us shooters, we start to spend to much time digging for every last tenth of a second instead of slowing down and focusing on the technique we're using to conduct that draw.

But if we look at the Par Time a little differently, we stop trying to compete with the Shot Timer, and instead partner with it. So check out this week's drill and remember, if you go to sealedmindsettraining.com and the PDF Downloads tab, you can get a PDF of this drill for use at your home range absolutely free.