Training Tools used in the Concealed Carry Masters Course

 There are many tools that we used in developing the skills and drills in the Concealed Carry Masters Course and this page is just a quick reference to those tools so that you can get them for your training arsenal.

The Self-Indicating Reseting Trigger(SIRT) training device is the best training tool ever made. Every defender needs a SIRT for dry fire practice. Get one today and use the promo code “sealed” for 20% off your order!


Shot timers are outstanding tools for working performance related skills, setting up reactionary dry fire drills, and getting a metric on your growth. Get yours from Range Systems Inc.


The best tool for developing your Hard Malfunction Remediation skills as shown in Session 6 of CCMC. Get yours from our online store!


This is the primary target that is used throughout CCMC. It was specifically designed for developing defensive skills. Get your supply from Range Systems Inc.


Eye protection is a must have. 70% of all defensive information comes visually. Protect them. Get your eye pro at Range Systems.


Proper hearing protection can make a huge difference between a good training session and a bad one. Get your ear pro at Range Systems.


Clean up after live fire training! You do not want lead on your sandwich afterwards! Get some D-Wipes from Range Systems.


Crossbreed IWB holsters are fantastically comfortable and durable. I use one for the entire CCMC filming process and the same holster for teaching and carry for 10 years. Get your Crossbreed here.