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Thank you for purchasing Avoid-Deter-Defend. This project encompasses decades of training and real world combat experience into the core skills needed to identify threats quickly and begin taking immediate action. Here’s how you maximize this training system-

Each of the 5 sessions has a Primary Video Session and a Student Guide.

  1. Start by quickly scanning the session overview and goals. Then watch the Primary Session video, maybe even watch it twice.

  2. Use the Student Guide to practice the skills you learned in the Primary Session.

  3. Now that you’ve watched the Primary Video and practiced the skills from the Student Guide, you’re all set to move on to the next session!

  4. At any point you need to review a skill or concept, re-watch the Primary Video Session on the topic.

If you have any questions please contact us at info@defensivemindsettraining.com and reference ADD Question in the subject line.

Train hard and stay safe!



HDR training tools

There are several great training tools that we used in Avoid-Deter-Defend. Check out the page on these tools and if you don’t have them, consider purchasing them through DMT or one of our great partners!

Quick Session Navigation

Session 1 - Plans of Action

Session 2 - Function, Loading and Unloading

Session 3 - Shooting Fundamentals

Session 4 - Deterrence, Deployment, and Slings

Session 5 - Alternative Shooting Positions and Multiple Targets