Remote Coaching Session

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Remote Coaching Fin.jpg

Remote Coaching Session


Train with DMT anywhere!

Choose from a list of specific techniques to develop or talk with your DMT coach about your specific concern. Then DMT will give you a set of test drills to film and the positioning of your camera (could just be a friend filming from a cell phone). Then your DMT coach will review your footage, showing you specifically how your technique can be improved. Then you’ll get a set of drills specific to your training for dry and live fire that will take your skills to the next level.

Example Topics:

  • Shooting Fundamentals (Precision pistol shooting - fixing shooting errors)

  • Draws - Open, concealed, or from kit

  • Immediate Actions - Reloads or Malfunctions

  • Target Transitions

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ONE 1 remote coaching session.

Training topic will be discussed prior to coaching session.

Any extra costs will be discussed prior to training event.

Session must be paid in full PRIOR to Remote Coaching Session. No COD or Pay on Arrival for Remote Coaching Sessions.