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Unmatched Curriculum

Defensive Mindset Training's curriculum gets results. Whether you’re a notice shooter or an advanced operator, DMT’s Digital Training Academy will enhance your ability to survive a violent encounter. We’ve successfully helped law enforcement, military, and citizen defenders, and can help you too.

The curriculum is built from the ground up, guiding you to master the fundamentals and walking you through every step, all the way through elite level training.

And the curriculum in the Digital Training Academy is laid out in an orderly and efficient fashion, with PDF documents, drill sessions, and professionally edited video content, making it easy to follow along.


The Neurological secret!

Small BLock, distributed learning

Neuroscience has clearly demonstrated that it is the small blocks of training, over time, that produce massive skill and response levels. DMT has used this science to produce dozens of training sessions, each 10-20 minutes long to help you build your capabilities to carry a handgun for defense, or to dominate the field in competitions.

This curriculum is available for you to review at your leisure, without having to cram it all in at once. This small block learning, over time, is critical in attaining mastery.

Screen grab of ONE dry fire session.

Screen grab of ONE dry fire session.

Unbelieveable value

On average, competitors’ firearms training seminars run $350 for an 8-hour day of training. Many online training systems are simply pre-recorded seminars. Despite the cost, neurologically this type of training is not designed to help you build skill over the long term, building slowly on skills as you master them. DMT’s Digital Training Academy offers hundreds of hours of usable content designed to build your skills, responses, and the neurological development to excel at firearms use, AND it’s all portable. Use it at the range, or for dry fire training in the comfort of your own home.

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With your membership:

  • A year of exclusive, unique dry fire training drills (using your own unloaded firearm or a SIRT training pistol), and videos with in-depth explanation for each drill

  • A year of live fire training drills - most of which were developed by DMT and are not found anywhere else!

  • Exclusive members’ only training videos on tactical medicine, gear, knife work, performance fitness, and more

  • The complete library of DMT's Training Newsletters with topical information and practical examples of how to use the DMT curriculum

  • For any training questions, you get direct access to lead instructor and curriculum developer, Beau Doboszenski, through email and special video chat/live fire events

  • Optional online access to the DVD series Concealed Carry Masters Course, After the Smoke Clears, Home Defense Rifle, Avoid-Deter-Defend, and Real World Safety

  • Exclusive early access to DMT's newest products and video productions, including the upcoming Gundamentals: Handguns, Home Defense Rifle: Volume 2, and Concealed Carry Masters Course 2

  • Discounts on DMT in-person training seminars

  • BONUS! Discounts on the new Remote Coaching feature, which allows DMT to analyze your technique, identify your specific errors, and suggest personalized corrections

All of this for only $14.99 a month!

YOU GET hundreds of live and dry fire drills, dozens of training videos, more than a year's worth of Training Newsletters, and access to exclusive content - ALL for LESS THAN YOU SPEND ON ONE BOX OF AMMO!