Owner and Lead Instructor - Beau Doboszenski

In 2017, he became the owner of Defensive Mindset Training. With DMT, Beau honestly gets to live the dream. He teaches people how to beat things with sticks, stab things with knives, or shoot them with firearms, AND he develops training curriculum about beating, stabbing or shooting, AND he makes training videos about beating, stabbing, or shooting.

Beau Doboszenski had been with Sealed Mindset since 2010. He's pretty much done everything at Sealed Mindset and had every title: Instructor, Lead Instructor, Videographer, Photographer, Scriptwriter, Editor, Curriculum Developer, Manager, and Chief Slave.

What makes Beau most happy are his boys, his wife, and an excellent range session with lightning fast draws, split times, and perfect accuracy with his rounds. Beau loves teaching. From brand new shooters to the most advanced firearms operators, there's almost always something he can add to your training and your skill that will make you more prepared for your sport or the defense of your life and your loved ones.

A US Army Parachute Infantryman, Beau was a first responder in the Pentagon on 9/11 and a Sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.

Instructor - Kevin

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In 2017, shortly after Beau became owner of Defensive Mindset Training, Kevin arrived to take DMT’s Foundation Handgun / Rifle classes. After 3 months of consistent training, Kevin became one of Beau’s Advanced Students and Training Assistants. When he is not working, he is constantly training in the gym, studying Psychology, learning Jiu Jitsu, researching new material, finding ways to improve the training curriculum or dry fire training at home with his NLT SIRT Pistols. He lives for teaching and helping others develop their very own warrior spirit and defensive mindset.

Kevin’s background includes 3+ years in the Army as a Parachute Infantryman, 10+ years of Martial Arts and Self Defense training, and currently competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournaments.

DMT Instructor Certified:

- Defensive Handgun and Rifle (All Levels)

- Night Vision Familiarization

- Private Coaching

The Founders

US Navy SEAL(ret) Lt. Larry Yatch and his wife Anne, a Defense Intelligence Analyst, began Sealed Mindset after Larry's medical discharge from the Navy in 2010. Larry, who had served multiple deployments to Iraq commanding SEAL Team 3, needed to find some way to continue his life mission: defending the United States and its citizens. Anne, came up with the concept of translating the critical situational awareness skills that special operations warriors must have to survive deep behind enemy lines into a training system that would protect the weakest person on the street. Those situational awareness skills and the defensive skills Larry learned as a SEAL created the foundation of the Sealed Mindset training method.

Larry is currently the CEO of Sealed Mindset Leaders, a corporate leadership development company


Anne is currently the chief operations manager for MindsetMatters, a team dedicated to the future of America by educating young people in leadership, communication, and personal development.