Here's what people are saying about Defensive Mindset Training:

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Awesome video. The techniques presented are worth the price of admission. The grip on the pistol from the holster was an epiphany for me. I had always had a problem with digging my thumb behind the holster. THANK YOU FOR THE PROPER EXPLANATION!!!

-Anthony L

Thank you so much for #52. The explanation is the BEST I have ever had on shooting. You may not be the best shooter but in my mind your are the teacher with handguns. Wish I lived closer

- Richard S

By far one of the best firearms training you can find in MN. Within minutes of arriving I quickly discovered a lot of flaws in my technique and equipment a basic fundamentals class. I walked away today very humbled and with a lot more knowledge than when I initially walked into the range today. My only regret is that I wished I had taken this course sooner. Thanks Beau ..., you just got yourself a new regular student!

- Kevin C

I was very impressed with the class I took at Defensive MindsetTraining(formerly Sealed Mindset) today. 8 hours flew by. The facility and staff were very professional and demonstrated great attention to detail. When dealing with potentially life threatening situations the last thing you would want is fledgling instructors and lacking equipment. I felt I was given the proper amount of one on one time to make sure I was learning properly. I also saw the same given to everyone in the class. Much of what I learned could be some of the best knowledge I could ever have for me and my loved ones. I hope I am able to have the pleasure of working with you again in the future.

- Todd F

I love going to Defensive Mindset Training (formerly Sealed Mindset). The staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional, yet patient and kind. It does not matter what level of experience you have, they take you from where you are and make you better. Being a woman who never fired a weapon, learning to safely use my weapon gave me confidence in myself in all areas of my life. I would highly recommend Defensive Mindset Training (formerly Sealed Mindset)!

- Julie D

Love this place and the people. If you need a solid, sound, high quality firearms training, this is the place.

- Susie B

State of the art, one of a kind defensive firearm training!

- Larry H

Just so you know, I have been practicing the drills we did during the class you filmed for crush and flinch. I feel it is really helping, especially the body positioning we worked on and my grip. I feel that was a big part of my problem. On top of working on the drills, I have been going back to basics and working to automatically go into the body position you helped me with in that class and really focus on the grip. I feel if I get that down it will also increase my speed between shots, which needs work (like everything else). One last note, I hate missing class. As a matter of fact, I would come three days a week if classes were available. I am also willing to pay whatever your fee for a private class from time to time to make sure I’m keeping pace when my schedule takes me away from Thursday’s class.

- Alan P

My wife and I recently took the defensive flashlight course. From start to finish it was an amazing experience. The class was intense, realistic, and practical, but NOT intimidating. The staff are world-class. The facilities are clean, practical, and professional. We loved it! Thanks, Defensive Mindset Training (formerly Sealed Mindset)!!

- Kevin N

Excellent training. Personable and knowledgeable trainers with incredible real world experiences.

- Clint S

Exceptional staff and facility! I can't say enough about everyone who instructs and works at Defensive Mindset Training (formerly Sealed Mindset). I wouldn't go anywhere else for personal defense and firearms instruction.

- Brant C