Shadow Gunning

The boxing world has known for a long time that in order to continuously improve their fighters, they need to work their skills constantly. Now, getting a partner to punch all the time isn't really feasible, but through "shadow boxing" the boxer can keep practicing their skills until they can "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee."

Shadow Gunning comes from the same idea. Continuous practice of skills will produce the myelination that will result in awesome levels of response to violent threat stimulus. Shadow Gunning is meant to be done for a few minutes every day using a live firearm with no ammo in the room and/or with a SIRT pistol.

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Foundations Shadow Gunning is Levels 1 & 2 curriculum. It is focused on the fundamental skills necessary to using a handgun safely for self-defense. It will have topics like Draws, Shooting Fundamentals, Deterrence, and basic Combatives.

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Advanced Shadow Gunning is Levels 3 through Warrior Mindset, Sealed Mindset Training's highest level of training. It is focused on unconscious application of foundational skills and advanced techniques like low light, immediate actions, and applying tactical thought to your defensive technique.