Precision Rifle and Steel Shoot - New Hope and Onamia - 7/20/19

PMS 7701 Blue_HelmetShield copy.jpg
PMS 7701 Blue_HelmetShield copy.jpg

Precision Rifle and Steel Shoot - New Hope and Onamia - 7/20/19


This is a 5 hour event.

Develop the foundational skills for long range precision shooting. From the basic understanding of ballistics to learning how to DOPE and hold a long range shot. DMT’s Precision Rifle is the course you need to take your shooting for sport, hunting, or defense much much much further.

Once the classroom portion of the course is finished, it will move to our long range shooting location in Onamia, MN. Once there, 3 hours of precision shooting to steel targets will commence. For the first hour, you’ll calibrate a perfect zero and ballistic drop to 300 yards. In hours 2 and 3, you’ll take the steel the long range and shoot at 400-600 yards.


Serviceable precision or hunting rifle OR must rent precision rifle from DMT

Basic understanding of firearms safety.

Acceptable Calibers for Targets:

  • .223/5.56

  • .308

  • .30-06

  • .243 Win

  • 6.5 Creedmore


The live fire portion will be happening outside. Prepare for any weather contingency. Ammo count will vary from shooter-to-shooter, just don’t run out. If you have a spotting scope, please bring this along to assist in spotting shooters onto long range targets.

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