Introduction to Defensive Handgun - Handgun Training for new Defenders

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Foundations Handgun Image.png

Introduction to Defensive Handgun - Handgun Training for new Defenders


An introductory level course designed for the new defender.

Course fee pays for a package of four separate 1.5 hour training sessions for small block distributed learning.

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FOUR (4) - 1.5 hour training sessions at Range Systems in New Hope.

Sessions will focus on Defensive Mindset's foundations level defensive handgun skills and will build the core skills necessary to continue training at DMT or grow your defensive or sport handgun skills anywhere.

Live fire range fees are included in the price of the session. Student must provide their own ammunition for Live Fire. If student does not own a handgun, one may be loaned from Defensive Mindset Training for Live Fire.

Topics covered in the Introduction to Defensive Handgun:

  • Understanding firearms, terminology, and defensive firearms safety

  • Shooting fundamentals enabling shot accuracy at distance or in close quarters that builds into an effective draw

  • Loading and unloading technique that is the basis of an effective immediate action system

  • Basics of Pre-Fight Situational Awareness to identify threats and avoid conflicts


There are no prerequisites for Foundations Level Handgun aside from baseline legal requirements of being able to use a handgun.

Students under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian. There is no requirement for the guardian to participate in the training session.