Handgun Low Light Defense Seminar - Range Systems Inc.


Handgun Low Light Defense Seminar - Range Systems Inc.


Many lethal force encounters happen in low light! Be ready to defend yourself in low light conditions with the Handgun Low Light Defense Seminar.

DMT takes firearms training to an entirely different level. With detailed instruction, adaptive techniques, and a deep understanding of the physiological effects on the body of defense in low light situations.

The training occurs at Range Systems 270 degree, fully light adaptive tactical range, giving you an experience of reality that you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t miss this critical training event!

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A 4 hour training seminar at Range Systems Inc, in New Hope, MN.

This seminar will cover the application of defensive handguns in low light environments.

Topics include:

  • Eye function, light changes within the eye

  • Tactical Flashlights, Weapon Mounted Lights

  • The Five Light Levels and adapting Defensive Handgun Technique to those changing light levels

  • Live Fire in various levels of light to practice low light technique

Pre-requisite: A valid permit to carry and competency in a defensive draw.