Advanced - Handgun - Range Systems Inc - New Hope, MN

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Advanced - Handgun - Range Systems Inc - New Hope, MN


7:30PM to 9PM

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ONE 1.5 hour training session at Range Systems in New Hope.

Session will focus on Defensive Mindset's advanced handgun skills.

MAY include Live Fire or SIM scenario. Student must provide their own ammunition for Live Fire and purchase SIM ammo for scenario work. If student does not own a handgun, one may be rented from Defensive Mindset Training for Live Fire.

Sessions will move through topics at Instructor’s discretion.

Topics covered in Advanced Handgun (not a comprehensive list):

  • Advanced shooting fundamentals enabling increased shot speed, accuracy, and precision at distance or in close quarters

  • Advanced draw work, seeking to develop the most rapid and defensible draw from concealment possible

  • Principles of low light and application of flashlight defensive techniques

  • Close contact shooting, flowing, and retention techniques

  • Immediate action remediation from all ranges including CQB Stoppage Response

  • Tactical movement and control techniques in various environmental situations including hallways, room entries, and stairwells

  • Foundational trauma management techniques

  • Compliant threat procedures

  • Engaging in bodyguard/protection techniques for family/loved ones

  • Use of cover/concealment or engaging threats utilizing cover concealment

  • Shooting and moving techniques

  • Multiple threat/target engagement and ranging flow

  • Adaptation of split speeds for ranging or target precision requirements in real time

  • Micro scenario in live or dry fire

  • Macro scenario using Simunition training devices or in dry fire

  • Pre-Fight situational awareness and Post-Fight actions for recovery


Advanced Class is by invitation only. Students that have passed DMT’s Foundations Class are invited. Sealed Mindset Training clientele that achieved a Level 3 or above designation are invited.

Others seeking an invitation should contact or contact our office at 612-210-4786 to discuss your request. Often DMT will request that new students with past experience join a Foundations class, free of charge, so that the instructor has a more controlled environment in which to view the new student’s baseline skills of shooting fundamentals, draws, immediate actions, and to see if the student has developed a deterrence system or stimulus response to simulated lethal threat engagements.

Should the student have solid skills developed from previous training, an invite to Advanced class may be offered, or a request for more attendances to Foundations Classes may be made to adapt any previous training to core DMT skill sets.

Baseline Skill Requirements for Advanced Students

  • Shooting Fundamentals - core capability of using the firearm as a shooting tool

    • 5 shots within a 4” circle at 15 yards

  • Draw - deploying the firearm from a holster either on or off body

    • 3 shots, Center of Mass (8.5x11” sheet of paper target), 18-20 ft, from concealment, in 3 seconds or less

  • Immediate Actions - fixing a stoppage of your firearm in the middle of a string or scenario

    • Emergency Reload

      • 3 shots, Center of Mass (8.5x11” sheet of paper target), 18-20 ft, from concealment, with 1 unknown Emergency Reload in the string, in 9 seconds or less

    • Soft Malfunction

      • 3 shots, Center of Mass (8.5x11” sheet of paper target), 18-20 ft, from concealment, with 1 unknown Soft Malfunction in the string, in 5 seconds or less

    • Hard Malfunction

      • 3 shots, Center of Mass (8.5x11” sheet of paper target), 18-20 ft, from concealment, with 1 unknown Hard Malfunction in the string, in 12 seconds or less

  • Deterrence and Scenario Performance - demonstrating the ability to apply a simple deterrence system to a scenario in live fire with mobile targetry system, must also be able to operate based on recognition of threat visually

    • This is a performance based element and scored on proper verbiage, body positioning, movement, shots accuracy, and Post-Fight actions including: movement to safe location or position of tactical superiority, tactical reload (if appropriate), medical check, 911 Call, and appropriate response to simulated Law Enforcement interactions