Monday Defensive Rifle - Rifle - Range Systems Inc. - New Hope, MN

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Monday Defensive Rifle - Rifle - Range Systems Inc. - New Hope, MN


7:30PM to 9PM

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ONE 1.5 hour rifle training session at Range Systems Inc. in New Hope, MN.

Session will focus on Defensive Mindset's defensive rifle skills for close contact defensive shooting, primarily for the home environment.

Every session will include live fire. Student must provide their own ammunition for Live Fire. If student does not own a rifle, one may be rented from Defensive Mindset Training for Live Fire.

Topics are covered in a rotating cycle and include:

  • Shooting fundamentals and mounting speed

  • Multiple shot strings at high speed and precision

  • Dynamic weapon positions for mobility and defensive movement

  • Usage of cover and concealment

  • Immediate action remediations - Reloads/Malfunctions

  • Multiple threats/targets and the transitions between them

  • Principles and applications of low light defense encounters

  • Deterrence and hardening the home for defense

  • Pre-Fight situational awareness and Post-Fight actions for recovery

  • Foundational trauma management and preparations for in-home emergencies like fires and medical events

  • Legal rights and responsibilities of defense and firearms ownership

  • Close contact shooting and retention techniques

  • Micro scenarios in live fire

  • Macro scenarios with Simunition training devices