Defensive Handgun - Level 1

PMS 7701 Blue_HelmetShield copy.jpg
PMS 7701 Blue_HelmetShield copy.jpg

Defensive Handgun - Level 1


An eight hour training seminar at Range Systems Inc, in New Hope, MN.

This seminar will cover the core skills that every concealed carrier must be able to perform to survive a lethal force encounter.

Topics include:

  • Superior shooting fundamentals to maximize recoil management for the fastest possible shots on target

  • High performance concealed draw, capable of defending the firearm from a grab and bringing superior force to bear with maximum speed and efficiency

  • A complete system of Deterrence, to communicate to your potential threat that you pose a lethal defense to the attacker's aggression

  • An integrative and methodological system of situational awareness, giving you the ability to quickly assess environments and people and take immediate positive defensive actions for your defense

  • And so much more!

Pre-requisite: A valid permit to carry, or successful completion of Gundamentals Seminar, or competency in loading, unloading a handgun through another recognized training program.

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You've taken a Permit to Carry, but even as the class was going, you realized that there is so much more to know about carrying a firearm for self-defense. Defensive Handgun - Level 1 is here to fulfill that need. This 8-hour training event will be focused on the skills you must have if you are carrying a concealed firearm: precision shooting fundamentals, concealment draws, deterrence, and immediate actions like emergency reloads, and hard/soft malfunctions will be covered in this event.

Gear list: 

- Please wear appropriate range clothes (Comfortable shoes, shirt, and pants) 

- Approved Eye and Ear protection (if you do not have them, please let us know.)

- Your Handgun and at least two magazines (if you do not have a firearm, please let us know and we can make arrangements to loan you one.)

- Holster (if you are borrowing one of our firearms, we will provide you a holster to use.) 

- 75-100 rounds of ammunition (if you are borrowing one of our firearms, please bring brass cased 9mm ammo)

- Pen/Paper

- Water

- An open mind