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Core Defensive Rifle - Range Systems Inc.


Four elements make up the CORE of operating a rifle for defense: Shooting Fundamentals, Mounting, Deployment and Deterrence, and Post-Fight Actions

In DMT’s Core Defensive Rifle, you’ll learn and develop an effective defensive mount, learn how that mount connects to your Defense Plan through the crucial skill of Deployment and Deterrence, and then you’ll learn how to survive the Post-Fight, those few moments to minutes following a defensive encounter where your words and actions could mean the difference in survival or arrest and prosecution.

Real rifle defensive skill starts by mastering these elements. Don’t miss out on this training event!

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A 4 hour training seminar at Range Systems Inc, in New Hope, MN.

This seminar will cover the application of defensive rifle in critical threat situations.

Topics include:

  • Advanced Shooting Fundamentals

  • Development of a tactical, defensive, and proficient mounting technique

  • Development of a system of deployment and deterrence

  • Development of critical post-fight actions

  • Micro Scenarios in a dry fire environment

  • Live fire practice of mounts and deployment/deterrence

  • Live fire scenarios of deployment/deterrence, mounting, and Post-Fight Actions

Pre-requisite: A valid permit to carry and a working rifle of no larger caliber .308(7.62mm) or a pistol caliber carbine