Advanced Handgun Applications - Range Systems Inc.


Advanced Handgun Applications - Range Systems Inc.


The defensive handgun must be an extension of the human body. Simply pointing and shooting is not enough. Deployments can vary in ranging, contact can occur in multiple ranges and at multiple angles, and if the firearm ceases to operate as a shooting tool the defender MUST be able to transition to other effective defensive options.

The advanced handgun defender can adapt to these changing elements and this seminar will begin to show the advanced shooter how. If you’ve been operating a handgun for a while and you’re really ready for a new dimension of handgun tactical applications, this is your seminar.

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A 6 hour training seminar at Range Systems Inc, in New Hope, MN.

This seminar will cover advanced skills and tactics of handgun operation.

Topics include:

  • Advanced Shooting Fundamentals

  • Retention Shooting Fundamentals and Deployment

  • Contact Shooting and Deployment

  • Multiple Targets and the Transitions between them

  • Immediate Actions including the CQB Hard Malfunction Response


  • A valid permit to carry

  • A safe and effective defensive draw stroke

  • Current Law Enforcement or military handgun certifications

  • An approved DMT Foundations Student

  • An approved certification of training from another equivalent tactical pistol course