Law Enforcement and Military Training Discount

DMT offers valuable training for Law Enforcement and Military members. Certified Law Enforcement or active military members can access any DMT classes, including Advanced Classes at discounted rates.

Future Warriors

I have realized after 30 years of training that we instructors, as an industry, are not doing enough to prepare our newest military enlistees, future officers, or future law enforcement for the job we are asking them to do.

DMT has decided to be a solution to that problem with the Future Warriors.

Our goal is to provide training in defensive and tactical skills to those in the enlistment process, in ROTC, or who are in criminal justice programs, to prepare them for their future careers in Law Enforcement or Military. With DMT's solid foundation and training, these future warriors can focus their energies on developing their teammates, subordinates, departments, and units into the most effective and capable defenders they can possibly be.

This training is exclusive to:

  • Enlistees of any military branch, awaiting deployment to basic or advanced training

  • ROTC cadets of any military branch at any stage of education

  • Criminal Justice students at any stage of education

  • Pre or Post Law Enforcement Academy graduates, working to be hired by a department


Thank you to our sponsors for supporting the Future Warriors!