Home Defense Rifle: Volume 1

Be the master of your home battle space with Home Defense Rifle!

This 10+ hour instructional DVD series will take you through the foundational skills necessary to put together the ultimate home defense. From hardening your home to using the best home defense tool out there, the AR15 rifle, to setting up the three most critical home emergency plans - Home Defense Rifle Volume 1 will get you prepared to hold your ground and defend your family from an violent attack.

This 4 disk DVD series includes:

  • The three Home Emergency Plans you need right now and how to put them together.
  • How to answer a door and defend that door from a violent invader.
  • An advanced course on the form and function of the AR15 rifle. You'll know how the rifle works, how it works when you fire it, and how to maintain it.
  • How to use that rifle as the ultimate home defense tool, ready to engage multiple targets and even deter the threats before firing is necessary.
  • How to set up a home defense kit that will allow you to defend yourself whether your rifle is available or not.
  • A revolutionary rifle grip that will massively reduce recoil and increase accuracy and weapons retention.
  • How to use cover and concealment to defend a choke point, forcing any threat in your home to move into total tactical disadvantage to fight you.