From the Team at Sealed Mindset Training comes Avoid-Deter-Defend, an advanced course on Situational Awareness
and Defensive Flashlights!

How many times have you heard from so-called self-defense experts that "situational awareness" was the most important factor in
personal security?

Did you ever wonder, what is "situational awareness?" From there, go start searching. What you'll find is a lot of "look around" or "be aware" or "trust your gut," but what does any of that even mean? Trust what? Look where? Be aware of what? Well, Sealed Mindset Training has your answers.

Avoid-Deter-Defend is based upon the same training given to our special operations warriors and intelligence case officers. This training is critical to these two groups because without it, they could easily find themselves suddenly out numbered, out gunned, and in a fight that they didn't want and might not be able to win while operating deep behind enemy lines.

You see, operators like Navy SEALS or CAG or MARSOC operate in very small units without support. A firefight is usually not something these teams are looking for. Instead, they must constantly train to identify threats at a distance and avoid conflict until the time and place of their choosing, where the operators are strong and the enemy is weak. Avoid-Deter-Defend takes this same training and translates it to the world of the Citizen Defender and the streets the Citizen walks on.

In this DVD series you'll learn:

  • How to identify a threatening person or environment instantly.
  • How to develop a plan of action that will enable you to immediately respond to a threat.
  • How to scan an environment that will enable you to position yourself for maximum defense.
  • How to use one of the best personal defense tools out there - a tactical flashlight - as an instant force multiplier against any threat.
  • How to use a few simple combatives techniques to quickly disable a threat and escape.
  • How to use these skills to travel anywhere in the world and stay safe.