Defensive Handgun

Foundations Handgun

This class is designed to develop defensive handgun skills to a highly proficient level. The class runs on a 16 week rotation, designed for students to begin at any time. Whether you have never shot or operated a handgun before or have just gotten your Permit to Carry, this is the class for you to master the fundamentals of defending yourself. This is the best way to develop a solid foundation and eliminate bad shooting habits.

The ongoing focus will help you develop effective neural pathways so you'll perform well under stress in defense of your life.

As with martial arts training, skills are developed through regular training over a series of months or even years. A Foundations student will learn:

  • High level Shooting Fundamentals, including placing rounds on target accurately and without common handgun shooting errors like flinching or crushing
  • Concealment Draws on targets in live fire and sim scenario
  • Dynamic Weapon Positions to move with the firearm out of the holster while maintaining proper Muzzle and Trigger Finger Awareness
  • Immediate Actions to get a stopped firearm up and running as quickly as possible while maintaining 100% defense including Emergency Reloads, Soft Malfunctions, and Hard Malfunctions
  • A complete system of Deterrence to communicate to threats that you are a potentially lethal threat, possibly preventing further engagement

Advanced Handgun

You won't find training like Advanced Handgun anywhere else. The Advanced Class works through complicated skills and tactical application that Defenders may encounter. The training in this class never ends with an unlimited number of topics, skills, and drills to help you as a Defender join the elite of handgun operators.

Advanced Students gain the skills to:

  • Engage in retention shooting from contact to 15 feet
  • Utilize flashlights and night sights for low light encounters
  • Deploy and utilize multiple defensive tools such as edged and impact weapons
  • Conduct tactical movement such as Room Clearing, Cover/Concealment, and working
    with a partner
  • Engage in precision pistol work up to 100 yards
  • Engage multiple threats and the transitions between them
  • Flow between shooting positions depending upon the range of the threat to the Defender
  • Utilize Primary or Support hand only shooting techniques if one limb has been disabled
  • Engage in security techniques for protecting family in lethal encounters
  • And much, much more!

Entrance to Advanced Handgun is by invitation only